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FWA Ancient City Chapter Newsletter for April

Hello Ancient City Writers,

For those who had questions for Rik Feeney after his presentations last month, but did not have time to ask them, please feel free to email Rik at to get answers to those questions.

APRIL 18, 2009 at 10:15 -- The Series Character

The April meeting will feature: author William Kerr, retired U.S. Navy Captain, who will be discussing "The Series Character".

Throughout literature, the series character has appeared in many types of books. While we, as readers, look forward to the next adventure, the writer to make the main character fresh and the stories inviting, has a number of problems to overcome. Bill's presentation will discuss the use of the same character (principal protagonist) through a series of books, the development of the that character's back-story and how to use that back-story to have each book in the series stand alone, and always allowing the protagonist to be the one to solve the major problem set forth in the story. Further, if the storyline consists of one or more subplots, how your character figures into each plot line as it progresses until all merge into a single satisfying ending.

Bill will discuss his latest book, Mark of the Devil -- some of which takes place in north Florida. A World War II German U-boat's mysterious disappearance off the east coast only hours before peace is declared; an elderly widow's horrifying memories of the Auschwitz death camp; a gold ingot bearing the mark of the devil; and a secret that could forever disgrace the Catholic Church... From Florida's northeast coast to the ancient city of Koblenz, Germany, Matt Berkeley's path is littered with lies, betrayal and death.

From William Kerr, author of the best selling Path of the Golden Dragon and the award-winning Death's Bright Angel, comes Mark of the Devil, an action/suspense thriller, once again featuring Matt Berkeley in the most dramatic and challenging episode of his career.

MAY 16, 2009 -- How to Avoid Muddled Middles & Dead Ends

In May, the Ancient City Chapter welcomes FWA Regional Director, Vic DiGenti.

You've launched your story with a swift and satisfying start. But there’s danger ahead in those meandering middles where a good story can flounder on the shoals of confusion and boredom. And, unless your story builds momentum, sustaining interest to the very end, the reader may be totally lost. FWA Regional Director and author Vic DiGenti, who showed us how to get our novels off to a Great Beginning last year, returns to guide us through the troubled waters of middles and ends, offering effective solutions along the way. Don't miss Vic's instructive and entertaining presentation on Saturday, May 16.

About the author: After thirty-five years in public broadcasting working as a producer, director, fundraiser, and assorted other jobs, including producer of the Jacksonville Jazz Festival, Vic DiGenti turned to his first love—writing. Finding inspiration in his household of feline critters, he's published three adventure/fantasies with a feline protagonist. His Windrusher novel series has won multiple awards and attracted readers of all ages.

Upcoming Events

May 24th - May 26th

The Limelight KIDZfACTory presents....
Emma's House of Sound written by Mary Jane Hayes

Sunday May 24th @ 7:30, Monday May 25th @ 2:00 & 7:30, and Tuesday May 26th @ 7:30

Tickets: $10 for adults, $5 for children
For reservations call: (904) 825-1164

July 29th - August 1st

The Anhinga Writers' Studio is hosting the Anhinga Writers' Studio Summer Workshops July 29-August 1 in Gainesville, Florida. Five genre tracks. Manuscript consultations. Editors, publishers, agents. Conference anchored by Charlaine Harris, NYT bestselling author of Southern Vampire series (True Blood -- HBO weekly drama).

For more information, visit:

October 23rd - October 25th

The 8th Annual Florida Writers Conference will be held October 23 – 25, 2009 at the Orlando Marriott of Lake Mary.

More information will be available soon at:

Good luck with you writing projects and see you at the next meeting,
Jeff Swesky

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